I Love to Travel!

I loved Spanish so much in college that I became proficient and have visited Spain six times! I plan to teach my child Spanish from an early age so that he or she will be bilingual. I went back to school after college and obtained a Master’s degree in business, where I studied international business. I visited ten countries in my two years in graduate school.

I travel the world and plan to take my child on many exciting adventures! I work as a consultant, so I have a lot of flexibility. I take at least two international trips a year – with my best friend and my mother. I love making scrapbooks of my trips.

Doing the Twist!

Overlooking Niagara Falls

The pyramids are amazing!

Traveling is my passion and I plan to take my child on many exciting adventures!

Beautiful views make hiking worthwhile!

The Big Apple will never be the same!

Ireland is one of my favorite places to explore!

The view from a camel’s back is amazing! The smell, not so much.

The pyramids are amazing!